Eagle Jet International is a wonderful place to build experience in many different aircrafts. It has also given me the chance to network with pilots and management of numerous aviation companies, thus getting a jump start into my career. I came to Eagle Jet with only 260 hours. In just a few hundred hours, job opportunities started flowing. After my program was done with Eagle Jet, the company I was working for hired me on as a full time pilot. I would not be where I am now if it was not for a program like Eagle Jet.

Thank you all,
David Pear

As I sat tabulating this weeks report I realized that this was the next to last weekly status report I'd be sending off. It also made me realize how excited I am to be officially starting my new career in a few weeks. And with that realization came the thought that this was all made possible by my participation in your program.

As a First Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, and Section Chief in the Army I had to look my subordinates in the eye and tell them that they weren't ready for that next level of responsibility on a routine basis. I'd often explain that they "didn't have enough time in boots". I thought that after acquire my licenses and ratings that I was ready and the experience I've gained during my 14 months flying for Ameriflight have proven me wrong. There was so much more for me to learn and experience flying for a Part 135 operation. I truly feel confident and prepared at this point. I'm confident in my professional abilities and feel that I will truly be an asset to my company all thanks to this program. 

When asked by other aspiring pilots about your program I always tell them I'm glad I chose to enroll and that it has enhanced my skills tremendously. I will not sever contact completely, I'll do my best to keep you guys up to date on my professional progress.

Watios "Wade" Boyd
First Officer

If you are looking to grow in aviation and learn to fly as a professional look no further than the First Officer Program at Eagle Jet International.  That is, of course, only if you are committed to discipline, professionalism, and teamwork.  Eagle Jet will pair you with the nation’s leading Part 135 cargo carrier and provide you with top shelf experience, not only in operating turbine-powered aircraft but in airline operations as well.  Be warned, however, that this program is neither for the faint of heart nor for those whose aeronautical knowledge and skills are lacking.  The training is demanding and a solid background in IFR flight is a must.  And be prepared to work!  There is no shortage of material to learn and the exams and the simulator will certainly expose any weaknesses.  Not every candidate will make it to the airplane and not all that do will earn the type rating.

“Flying the line” as a First Officer through Eagle Jet has been a tremendous experience.  Every captain with whom I have flown is not only an outstanding aviator but an excellent instructor as well.  And best of all, they are enthusiastic, dedicated pilots who love what they do and are a joy to be around.  Each day brings new challenges and every flight is an opportunity to learn from the best.  No matter where my aviation career takes me I will always be grateful for the time I spent becoming a true professional pilot with the men and women of Eagle Jet.

Mark Biolo
First Officer

I flew the Beech 99 out of Portland and out of Salt Lake City.  I am now in training for Korean Air as a first officer on the B737.  As I look back at my program with Eagle Jet International, the captains were not only great co-workers but became friends and also mentors.  Throughout this program I learned the definition of professionalism as well as how to carry out the professional responsibilities of a scheduled airline first officer.  It also showed me that flying as a professional can enhance the fun of just being a pilot and flying an airplane.  I thank all of the captains that I flew with and the professional staff of Eagle Jet International who I worked with very closely throughout the duration of my program.   I hope that your professional first officer programs have continued success so they can help more pilots like me make their aviation dreams come true!

Kyungsoo Lee
First Officer
B737 Training

In 1995 I was 18, had a hand full of dreams about flying but living in a country where putting a female into an airplane was taken as giving a gun to a monkey. With some help of my American friends I got acquainted with Eagle Jet. At that time the company just started doing these programs, but even so, they found just what I needed - that is a total individual approach.

I went all the way from starting in a C-172 with PPL program until flying as a first officer in a BE-99 time building program. I can't describe how lucky I was to have found them, supported not only financially (they broke the program down in payments after the first 100 hours), but also mentally, by strengthening my faith in my dreams and myself. Now I'm a captain of a Boeing 737 for Transaero Airline in Russia. It wasn't always easy, but if not for Eagle Jet, it might have never even happened. That's why I can surely say that this relationship made my career... no, rather it made my life!

Tatiana Kazachkova
B737-300/400/500 Captain
Transaero Airline, St. Petersburg - Russia

I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how pleased I am with my first officer experience. From the very first time I talked with you on the phone, you have been very encouraging and helpful. I was trying to decide on the next step to take in my flying career, and after talking with you and doing a little thinking on my own, the choice was pretty clear what to do next. You gave me all the information I needed to make a well informed decision. I can honestly say I haven't regretted that decision for one second since. The experience I have had in flying has been awesome!

The people are great to work with and the flight experience I have gained is priceless. The training is very beneficial to anyone, whether they have relatively low time like I did or high time. You know exactly what is expected of you and they are willing to work with you to help you get there.

I have nearly finished the program and already have several airlines that have emailed me wanting to interview with them! I couldn't be happier with my decision to call Eagle Jet!

Thanks again,
Ryan Dunstan
First Officer

I did the Navajo/ Chieftain Internship and I earned an outstanding experience. I had flown 1000 hours, working as a CFI. But I wanted some real "line flying" experience and I needed multi-engine hours to go to the next level in my career. With Eagle Jet International I got real Part 135 training and experience. I flew with the freight dogs in icing, approaches to minimums and my confidence shot up tremendously. I did some "real" flying, and it got me to where I want to be quicker. Then the job offers started coming in. I chose to stay with the airline Eagle Jet International place me with as they offered me employment as well.

Capt. Dru Babcock

I wanted to send an email thanking you for the experiences I had with your company. I enrolled in the First Officer program for the Beech 99 King Air with 280 hours, 7 multi-engine, Comm/Multi ratings only. After 4 weeks of ground school and simulator training I wasgiven a week of flight training in the airplane followed by a check ride. I was then qualified and served as a Part 135 SIC (first officer) flying cargo for a Part 135 airline. I accumulated 100 hours, 72 of which were turbine PIC, in 5 weeks! Shortly before finishing my 100 hours, I contacted Eagle Jet International and requested that an interview be scheduled with an airline of my choice.

At the same time, I applied to all the regional and Part 135 airlines I was willing to work for, trying to do my part. Within a week I was offered my first interview. Within a month or so, I had been contacted to fly a Cessna 172, Metroliner, Saab 340, Learjet, and CRJ for a number of different companies. I have a total now of 388 hours, 108 multi-engine, and I begin ground school for the CRJ-900 next week. When faced with the choice of building 100 hours in a Piper Seneca by myself or with a friend for $150-$280/hr, or getting my Part 135 SIC ticket, real-life airline training and experience, some really challenging IMC, and 100 hours turbine time (PIC/SIC) for $130/hr, it was a no-brainer!

Thanks again for your help Eagle Jet International!
Adam Evans
CRJ-900 First Officer

First, I'd like to say thanks to Eagle Jet International for giving me an opportunity to keep up with my career in aviation. My background and story begins with the time in my training when I had to decide which way to take in aviation, so I've decided not to become CFI but make my investment in Eagle Jet International. And you might ask..why them? Well, I got referred by my good friend that after a completion of building his turbine time, got hired by a major international airline. I saw a big advantage in this program and gave them a call.

With all the options they offered me, I decided to start with the BE99 program. Training took place with a part 135 freight company and it was the best thing for me before actually getting hired by an airline because every carrier operates by standard, which I've learned and have gotten used to, and I noticed a big difference between me or other guys that came from a part 135/121 and just regular GA pilots. Currently I work for PSA Airlines flying a CRJ200/700 and again, just having little 2 crew experience made my training much smoother and easier when comparing to my classmates which came from GA flying.

In the future, if it's necessary, I wouldn't doubt to make another investment with Eagle Jet International to go further, higher and faster. It's really worth the time and money investment.

Kyrylo Romanovych
CRJ 200/700 First Officer

It has been a while since I wired $23,500 U.S. Dollars to an unknown company in Miami of all places to try to kick start my aviation career with 500 hours on the Beech 99. Also at the time I was living in Taiwan as a corporate executive and my total time was 230 hours in light airplanes. I can't tell you how much you changed my life. At the completion of your First Officer program I was hired at American Eagle with 800 total time.

I'm currently employed at Southern Air as a Captain on the B-747-300/400 after being hired in May 2004 only with 1500 hours total time and then making Captain at 3000 total time. I have just broken the 5000 hour mark and looking at all the opportunities I can now start to explore. Today I'm in KLAX and leaving for Brussels to fly to Ethiopia I love my job thanks!

I will recommend your program to anyone in doubt,
Wayne Hoefler
B-747 Captain

In my opinion, this program is the best investment a pilot with career aspirations can make to prepare for the professional aviation environment. As you know, I entered the program with just under 1000 hours after completing my CFI and CFII ratings. Since this is a “second” career for me, I chose to bypass the teaching route for time building in favor of gaining as much practical experience in the field as possible (however, I would encourage pilots to complete the instructor ratings even if they don’t plan to teach). I opted for the Metroliner program, but I would strongly recommend that applications with any fewer hours consider the Beech 99 or 1900 the Metro is extremely challenging and these aircraft provide the same turbine experience while being a bit more “user-friendly”.

The airline provides an excellent ground school and the FO’s complete the same program as those hired to fly for the company. This training alone is a realistic introduction to what should be expected when hired by an airline much like drinking through a fire hose! This was first experience flying in a “multi-crew” cockpit and demonstrated to me all of the aspects that go along with that environment. While every captain I flew with was highly skilled, each was unique and I learned a great deal from each one. They understood the nature of the program and while they were patient with me as I grew in my experience, they also continued to challenge me and raise the bar of learning.

I was impressed with the entire airline operation. They have a strong working relationship with the FAA, and an excellent safety record; although the aircraft have seen many years of service, the maintenance crews keep the flying safely.

As in anything, whatever an individual gains from this program depends largely on the amount of effort put into it. I treated my FO training as an internship, a real job. As a result, I believe I grew immensely in my skills as a pilot. For anyone who is anxious to make a serious commitment to their career and have a meaningful experience, I can’t recommend this program strongly enough.

Best regards,
Nancy Auth
Boeing Corporation

I am writing this letter in order to convey my satisfaction with the training I received through Eagle Jet International. The fact that upon completion of my program, I was interviewed and hired by Continental Express serves as a testimony that it works. I had never held a “professional aviators position” prior to my participating in the training. I came from a business background which even included aircraft sales but nothing that would prepare me for the airlines. I entered the Metro program with a total of 800 hours, an expired instructor’s certificate and barely enough recent time to be legal in instrument and general proficiency.

When I decided that I was going to pursue a new career, I searched for the best way to achieve my goal with the greatest cost benefit possible. I selected Eagle Jet International because of the style of program and the quick pace at which I could get through the training and be ready to interview. Also the fact that Eagle Jet International would assist in getting interviews was very important. Although the program required a greater investment than I had originally planned, basically because I selected the Metro over the 1900, I am convinced that it was well worth it.

The quality of the Metro program, the captains and the instructors at the airline were outstanding. It was not easy by any means and the airplane is very challenging, I worked my butt off and was discouraged quite often. The difference is my commitment to succeed and accomplish the goal I set out. I think anyone serious about pursuing a career as a pilot should seriously consider the Eagle Jet International Metro program.

Upon completion of my training I had 1000 hours total with 200 in the Metro. My resume was sent to Continental Express by Eagle Jet International and I interviewed with a week of my return. I am proud to say that I have been given a class date of November 6 for the first officer in the new Embraer 145 Regional Jet. It is a far cry from four months previous when I was stumbling around in my first simulator session. I’m confident the training I received will ensure I will excel in school and begin my career as a professional pilot for Continental.

Thank you for your assistance and please feel free to use my experience as a reference for your services.

Anthony Williams
EMB-145 First Officer

As a low time pilot looking for a way to enhance my experience and accelerate my aviation career, I NEVER could have made a better decision than to have spoken with Eagle Jet International. From day 1, Eagle Jet International offered me not only a great company to work and gain experience with, but also have always been honest and fair in all my dealings with them. Eagle Jet International placed me in the Beech 99 which increased my flying abilities and awareness, and my confidence in different weather and airport situations. The captains are tremendous as we almost equally shared the responsibilities in the plane. The crew resource management and experience is also top notch.

In all, I cannot say enough about my experience though Eagle Jet International. Their staff have been like family to me and I know that they are just as concerned with each pilot that is looking to enhance their aviation career through Eagle Jet International. I am a better pilot. My aviation career has just had a jump-start. I would recommend this program to every professional pilot who is looking to get to our common goal THE AIRLINES.

Chad Widmer
Happy Commercial Pilot