Our programs, which commenced in 1996, have given pilots from many countries the opportunity to obtain the airline first officer experience during actual commercial flight operations.  This is not simulator or flight school aviation flight time, but rather the experience that can only be gained in actual flight situations. This unique experience meets and exceeds the hiring requirements of airlines worldwide.

Currently, the number of aircraft being utilized for Eagle Jet International's advanced training programs with contracted airlines totals over 400. With new programs on the horizon, a continuous effort to build new programs is a never-ending task at Eagle Jet International. Our advanced training domiciles offer the most unique and challenging flight conditions for any pilot coming to us. Our heavy jet programs are based in the European area and in Asia. Our corporate jet and multiengine turboprop programs are based in the United States (Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington just to mention a few states).

Our programs based in the United States give FAA licensed pilots the opportunity to gain airline multiengine turboprop first officer experience including operations to and from some of the largest U.S. airports. Any domestic or international pilot holding an FAA license has access to these programs. Should a pilot not hold the FAA license, a short license conversion course is required and can be obtained in any U.S. flight school of pilot's choice or with any of our partner flight schools. This experience has been greatly appreciated by the many U.S. regional airlines and foreign airlines which have been hiring our turboprop pilots since 1996. Completing the flight portion of the program does not mean that Eagle Jet International is finished with its commitment to the pilot. We will provide the U.S. citizen and green card holder pilots with pre-interview preparation. We know the in and out's of the airline interview process so the pilot will be professionally prepared for the interview task.

Flexibility in our multiengine turboprop advanced first officer programs has become one of our strongest assets. Turbine flight hours can be purchased in hour blocks to suit the individual's needs and financial means. Eagle Jet International offers to break down the total cost of its multiengine turboprop programs in progressive payments. This feature helps ease the financial burden put on the pilot or their families. Beware of any advanced flight training company that requires all of your money up front as this could prove to be a big financial mistake! At a rate of only $75 per turboprop flight hour including the airline conversion course and training to be qualified on the aircraft, the 250 hour multiengine turboprop programs are of special interest for pilots looking at securing employment. Many of our pilots are in fact hired by U.S. regional airlines with only 100 hours of airline experience.

Our programs based in the European area give JAA / EASA type rated pilots the opportunity to gain Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 first officer experience in European airspace including operations to and from the largest western European airports. This experience has also been greatly appreciated by the many airlines which have been hiring our JAA / EASA type rated B737 and A320 pilots since 1996. The key to getting hired by European airlines is the amount of hours on type. JAA / EASA pilots who have completed a 500 hour B737 or A320 program have been highly successful in securing rapid employment during or shortly after program completion. Joining a program with less than 300 hours is not recommended as it often does not lead to employment.

Our programs based in Asia give pilots that hold an ICAO license and type rating (FAA, JAA, Transport Canada, Australian CASA, etc) the opportunity to gain heavy jet first officer experience including operations to and from some of the largest Asian airports. This experience again has proven to be exactly what the airlines who have been hiring our ICAO A320 and B737 pilots are looking for. ICAO pilots who have completed a 300 or 500 hour A320 or B737 program have been highly successful in securing rapid employment during or shortly after program completion.

Our unique airline first officer programs take place during actual airline commercial operations as no simulator training or flight school general aviation training can replace actual airline experience. Pilots coming from the flight school environment generally do not have any commercial air carrier flying experience. U.S. regional airlines give priority to pilots who are already experienced and familiar with the airline flight environment on advanced turbine powered aircraft before investing a substantial financial amount in their regional jet training (or heavy turboprop training in some cases). Heavy jet airlines worldwide are looking for pilots already type rated on the aircraft they operate as well as having a certain amount of hours on type. This is why pilots enrolled in one of our programs are being hired during or shortly after completion of their programs by airlines worldwide.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and appreciate your interest in our many professional airline first officer advanced flight training programs.

mission statement

Eagle Jet International's main objective is to complete your initial career goal of getting hired by an airline in the most economical, professional, and above all, the safest manner possible in the shortest period of time.

Since the commencement of our airline first officer programs in 1996, several thousands of pilots have been hired by airlines worldwide while attending one of our programs or shortly after its completion.