This program consists of approximately 8 weeks of ground, simulator and flight training followed by 500 block hours as a Learjet / Falcon 20 first officer during passenger and cargo operations.  Pilots will be checked out in both the Learjet and Falcon 20 aircraft.  Pilots will initially start flying the Learjet and at airline's discretion and needs will then transition over to the Falcon 20.

Pilots will receive a $250 per week training pay from day one of training through the duration of the 500 hour program.  Housing will be paid for the first six weeks of ground school.  Uniforms will be paid for by the airline.  After the 500 hour program has been completed, airline has the option and in fact has requested that the pilots in this program stay on as a first officer receiving approximately $30,000 per year including all benefits.  The pilot will fly approximately 40 to 60 hours per month.


  • US Citizenship / US Passport Holder
  • FAA Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multiengine Ratings
  • Current Second Class Medical
  • Must be Instrument proficient and current
  • It is mandatory that all pilots must be able to fly at or above FAA Commercial Instrument and Multiengine practical flight test standards and will be required to demonstrate these proficiency levels prior to the first day of training.