Eagle Jet International has formed several partnerships with flight schools throughout the nation to help you gain your FAA commercial license with instrument and multi engine ratings so that you can proceed to enter Eagle Jet International's flight time building programs to gain the "real world" airline flight experience that will help you compete for pilot jobs in today's highly competitive professional pilot job market.

These partnerships will allow a student graduating from one of our preferred flight training centers the necessary licenses and ratings to enter into one of our professional flight time building programs.   After passing your FAA Part 135 Second in Command check ride with us, you can go on to gain 100 hours, 250 hours, 500 hours, 750 hours, 1000 hours or even 1250 hours of experience operating as a First Officer in an airline environment.  These partnerships with our flight training centers will provide the student with all the regular training through the FAA Commercial Pilot License / CPL, obtaining 250 hours total flight time.  The student will then join Eagle Jet International's flight time building program flying a multi engine turboprop aircraft as a First Officer.

Eagle Jet International will provide the training and placement for this additional experience. The packages include the airline training, line check and then a specified number of hours flying as a first officer in the turboprop aircraft. Possible choices include the Beech 99, Beech 1900, Metroliner III and Shorts 330/360.

Contact Eagle Jet International to find out more details about these exciting new options!