Build Quality High Performance Multiengine
Flight Time While Being Employed
and Getting Paid as a First Officer Flying Executive
Jet or Turboprop Aircraft so you can Reach
the 1500 Hours Required by the US Part
121 Regional Airlines.

Fly as a Learjet, Citation, King Air, etc. First
Officer with one of our Partner US Part 135 Air
Carriers during Commercial Operations.



  • New FAA Regulation requires Part 121 Regional Airlines to only employ pilots with 1500 hours total flight time.
  • For the past 22 years, Eagle Jet International has under contract a vast nationwide network of Part 135 Executive and Cargo Air Carrier partners that do not have such a requirement.
  • Eagle Jet International has developed a unique program to have you FAA Part 135 current and qualified on a jet or turboprop aircraft by one of our Part 135 Air Carrier partners so you can then build the required flight time to reach 1500 hours by being employed by our Part 135 Air Carrier partners and flying high performance aircraft as a paid First Officer 
  • Application is free.  Once your documents are approved and you satisfactorily complete one of our partner Air Carrier's interviews arranged by Eagle Jet International and you only then confirm your acceptance of the position being proposed to you by signing the employment program agreement, a program payment starting as low as $9,900 (including the cost to be trained on the aircraft) will be due.  The program price will depend on the Air Carrier & aircraft type.
  • While building Multi Turbine Part 135 First Officer experience to reach the 1500 hour mark, you will also become very marketable to most Part 135 Air Carriers in the country.
  • Most of our partner Part 135 Air Carriers offer Captain upgrade once you have 1200 hours total flight including Part 135 Multi Turbine First Officer experience.


  • For a budget similar to obtaining a CFI/II/MEI, you can now be FAA Part 135 current and qualified and build quality time as a First Officer.
  • Once employed by one of our Part 135 Air Carrier partners, you will keep building high performance multi turbine hours as a First Officer during commercial operations; not single engine hours in a light aircraft under VFR flight conditions.
  • Many flight schools suggest employment as a Flight Instructor to pilots who are ready to pay them the flight instructor training but there is a shortage of students compared to the number of flight instructors and many flight instructors are only able to log a small amount of hours on a monthly basis therefore limited income if at all as many flight schools do not provide any income to their flight instructors.
  • Flight schools cannot give the opportunity to most of their flight instructors to build multiengine flight time as an MEI due to insurance requirements and/or the fact that only the most senior flight instructors have access to the limited positions available as MEI.


  • US Citizen or US Permanent Resident (Green Card holder)
  • FAA Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi Engine Ratings
  • FAA First Class Medical
  • No flight time requirement
  • No age requirement


To be notified once positions with our partner Air Carriers can be proposed to you, please fill in the CONTACT FORM from the CONTACT US page and you will then receive via email information regarding the positions as they become available (start date, type of aircraft, base, salary, and program price).